Big buddy bike can be part of your lifestyle. It’s durable and can be used in all conditions and weathers. It’s bright handmade light is perfect for the night life as well.


Its long seat contains storage space for all your necessities. It needs so little to maintain it you won’t even notice. It’s extremely stable and has tough waterproof wooden frame that can be designed as you please.


Big Buddy team is always planning and upgrading the product and it’s parts.  Currently we are expanding our BBB parts so you can also buy them separately. We are constantly improving our business and we are happy to hear your suggestions (if you have one). Don’t forget. We are going live on 14.2.2018 on Kickstarter.


We also partner with Chipolo, so you can find your bike wherever you are.  Your friends can connect and see where your BB is located and they can pick it up to ride some more!  You can pair it with IOS or Android phones.

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Our Kickstarter campaign goes live on 14.2. Make sure you get your Big Buddy Bike First.

SPECIAL OFFER!! First 10 customers get their own bike designed for the price of XL Big Buddy Bike. Also, first 10 customers get the Special light handmade of colour pencils for the price of the regular one! Get yours now!

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