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Meet Big Buddy – the best artistic E-bike on the market right now!

  Big Buddy is a balance bike with electric motor designed for elegant and easy ride. In other words, Big Buddy means easy, safe and simple ride for all urban travellers,  artists by soul who want to be seen and step out of the crowd. Big Buddy bike is the most...

Technology used in Big Buddy bike

The biggest present BBB has to offer is that some bike parts can be bought individually. Check out our colour-pencils inspired light that is fully handmade and can be the best gift to your loved ones ever! Since we are launching the campaign on Valentine's day, think...

Partners and future

Big buddy bike can be part of your lifestyle. It's durable and can be used in all conditions and weathers. It's bright handmade light is perfect for the night life as well.   Its long seat contains storage space for all your necessities. It needs so little to maintain...

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Our Kickstarter campaign goes live on 14.2. Make sure you get your Big Buddy Bike First.

SPECIAL OFFER!! First 10 customers get their own bike designed for the price of XL Big Buddy Bike. Also, first 10 customers get the Special light handmade of colour pencils for the price of the regular one! Get yours now!

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