Big Buddy is a balance bike with electric motor designed for elegant and easy ride. In other words, Big Buddy means easy, safe and simple ride for all urban travellers,  artists by soul who want to be seen and step out of the crowd. Big Buddy bike is the most artistic bike on the market. The sides can be custom made to your needs and expressions.


Big Buddy bike was invented by two friends, David and Matej. With their creative itch they invented something that could be described as artistic balance bike for adults. They paired big balance bike with electric motor and took it to the streets. They also wanted to make piece of art, but without gallery that was hard. That’s how the art got wheels. Big Buddy Bike – welcome!


The biggest present is that some bike parts can be bought individually. Check out our colour-pencils inspired lights that are fully handmade and can be the best gift to your loved ones ever! The comfy ones can chose our Wooden led art light for instance. Or make yourself a bike design no-one would have. That’s pure art in the streets! And it’s totally functional.

Custom design are available on request. We also offer Big Buddy’s Inox logo, perfect for people with more industrial taste or original graphic print with the author’s signature.  With this package, you will surely be seen in the urban world (not just because the light is so bright:))


Big buddy bike can be part of your lifestyle. It’s durable and can be used in all conditions and weathers. It’s bright handmade light is perfect for the night life as well.

Big Buddy team is always planning and upgrading the product and it’s parts. We partner with Chipolo, so you can find your bike wherever you are.  Your friends can connect and see where your BB is located and they can pick it up to ride some more!

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Our Kickstarter campaign goes live on 14.2. Make sure you get your Big Buddy Bike First.

SPECIAL OFFER!! First 10 customers get their own bike designed for the price of XL Big Buddy Bike. Also, first 10 customers get the Special light handmade of colour pencils for the price of the regular one! Get yours now!

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